Eye Appeal: Letting Your Eyes Greet the World Fabulously

Second to a thin waistline, the most sought after feature on a woman is often a sexy pair of eyes. They are typically the first thing seen on a person and play a major role in non-verbal communication. Yet, while most people are familiar with weight loss techniques like consuming a low-carb diet or practicing an Austin hCG diet, few have a firm grasp on what can be done to make the eyes stand out in a fabulous way. If you are one of those that could use a little extra advice in achieving a sultry eye appeal, then this article is for you.

Creating a Line The first step in drawing attention to your windows to the world is to give them a defining line. This is done through the use of eyeliner, which comes in a few different forms. The most typical is the pencil. This version is popular for a few reasons. It is easy, quick, and can give a great result. Simply follow the natural line of the eye, covering any area where lashes naturally grow – both the upper and lower lids. For a softer look, a finger tip or cotton swab can be rubbed gently over the line or eye shadow can be used in the place of the classic pencil. Using a thin, angled brush, eye shadow can be used as eyeliner and can be blended into a second layer of shadow to create a soft, smoky look.

Adding Color In order to get an effective, smooth color around the eye, it is best to begin with foundation or concealer. This provides a surface for the powdered shadows to stick to and will allow a longer lasting look as well. The easiest and most commonly seen eyeshadow application involves the use of a single color all over the eye. Though more simple, this look can still be very beautiful. The trick to this look is to blend upwards so the color appears darker nearest the lashes and lighter as it approaches the brow. Begin applying the shadow at the edge of the eye and then use a soft brush to blend the color upward and outward until the whole space is covered.

For a more involved look, a second color can be added. Begin as above, using a pale, matte shade. Choose a hue that compliments the darker shade that you are planning to use for the second shade. With the concealer in place and the pale color atop it and smoothed in, the second shade can be applied with a flat, thin brush. Keeping your eyes open, follow the crease beginning at the outer corner of the eye and coming approximately half way across the eye. Tap the brush to remove any excess powder and then blend the color upward and downward from the line created to blend it into the color beneath. For a little extra sparkle, choose a light metallic color that works with the other two and dab it at the inner corner of the eye.

Final Touches for a Glamorous Look Mascara is generally the final element added. However, it is also very helpful, when trying to highlight the eye, to use an eyelash curler. Clamp down near the base of the lashes and tilt the device upward slightly while holding down for a few seconds. This will bring the lashes upward. If you feel that your lashes are too thin, short, or nearly non-existent, then it might be wise to consider Latisse Austin for an improved fullness and length. Mascara should be added to all lashes, taking extra care to cover the entire length of the lashes for the most impact.

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